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A listed building with a beer history

The Goldene Kugel is situated in the centre of Salzburg Old Town, at Judengasse 3, in a narrow and venerable building. Its first recorded mention, as “Guglbräu”, was in 1327. From 1870 it became the “Pfanzelterhaus.” Franz Pfanzelter the Younger ran a carpentry workshop here for a while and amongst other things designed the building’s art nouveau façade.

All the work done here, though, was in the service of beer: By 1869, the Guglbräu, the second largest brewery in Salzburg, had moved in and already had a restaurant attached.

When the Edith Haberland Foundation acquired the building in 2008, the intention was to revive the restaurant tradition once again. The subsequent conversion work revealed more brewing history than had been expected: a vaulted cellar in the basement dating back to the Middle Ages, which since then has had a new lease of life as the Bierkeller. Visitors can also marvel at the fresco‑secco wall paintings from the 18th century in the upper floor, and the façade has also been restored to its former glory. Conversion work concluded in 2013 and the Munich Augustiner Bräu Goldene Kugel tavern opened in the Old Town.

Monika and Walter Bankhammer, landlords at the Bräustüberl Berchtesgaden, have leased the building since 2017 and are carrying on the tradition: “This historic listed building is home to a restaurant with an authentic tavern culture. As landlords, we feel especially at home here.”