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At home in Salzburg: the Munich art of brewing

The Goldene Kugel has served Augustiner beer from Munich since 2013. This drink truly is tradition in liquid form: the Augustiner Brewery is Munich’s oldest working brewery. The first recorded mention of the brewery is in 1328, but the Augustine monks were probably brewing their beer and enjoying it long before that date. Now, though, it quickly became a beer that was very popular, even winning awards for its extraordinarily high quality. The Augustiner Brewery was subsequently managed by several generations of the Wagner family, who expanded its production sites and restaurants. Now as then, the beer is brewed in a listed brick building in Munich, built by the son of the Wagner family in 1885. It is, admittedly, no longer brewed by monks – that job is now undertaken by experienced master brewers.

The Augustiner Edith Haberland Wagner Foundation is particularly concerned with child protection work, the preservation of historical buildings and monuments, and cultural activities. And this is how Augustiner beer came to the Goldene Kugel in Salzburg: the Foundation took these extraordinary listed buildings to its heart – and simultaneously provided them with the best Munich beer and a tradition going back hundreds of years. Cheers!

Augustiner speciality beers at the Goldene Kugel

Lagerbier Hell

Alcohol: 5.2% vol • Original gravity: 11.5 %

Sparkling with a streamlined, balanced body, pleasantly effervescent with a velvety smooth hoppy finish. The aroma recalls fresh, invigorating spring breezes and sunny May mornings.


Alcohol: 5.6 % vol • Original gravity: 12.7 %

As a result of being aged for longer, the Edelstoff’s aroma can seem slightly milder or understated. However, alongside its appealing effervescence, it is subtly full‑bodied. It gives every great day that certain something as well as reflecting what is special about the Augustiner Brewery. Simply put, a precious substance.


Alcohol: 5.6 % vol • Original gravity: 12.4 %

Drinks elegantly and with a pleasant streamlined profile. Enjoyable herbal, dry hoppy accents. The distinctive hoppy bouquet, created by the use of the finest aromatic hop varieties, deserves special attention here. A simply lovely Bavarian Pils and the crowning glory of any beer drinker’s evening.


Alcohol: 5.6 % vol • Original gravity 13.4 %

The distinctive qualities of this beer are evident from the aroma alone, with roasted notes of caramel and cocoa. Every mouthful marries the Bavarian way of life with Augustiner brewing traditions. A beer to bring comfort and inner peace.


Alcohol: 5.4 % vol • Original gravity: 12.4 %

Traditional bottle conditioning gives this beer a fruity, pleasantly voluminous body, which never dominates, but rather underscores the lively and refreshing feel of this beer. It makes a wonderful accompaniment for Bavarian Weißwurst (white sausage), meatloaf or traditional “Wurscht in der Bria” (sausage in broth).


Alcohol: 7.5% vol • Original gravity: 18.5 %

Extra‑long and cold ageing creates a soft, rounded, full‑bodied mouth feel, reminiscent of cocoa, dark chocolate, fruit cake and home‑made confectionery. A must for fasting monks, since according to the saying, “liquid doesn’t break the fast.”

Heller Bock

Alcohol: 7.5 % vol • Original gravity: 16.5 %

Mild hoppy accents and a delicate honey fragrance dance amid the powerful, highly aromatic body of this beer. Lightness coupled with sharpness, not to be underestimated. This is a real character.


Alcohol: 6.3 % vol • Original gravity: 13.7%

Aged for several months, which gives a soft, well‑rounded feel, but does not compromise the full bodied nature of this beer. Drawn from wooden barrels, it is a beer that evokes the unique atmosphere of the Oktoberfest and will make you look forward to the festival all the more.