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We serve what we love best: regional quality!

As hosts, we have been working for years to provide the best quality, to identify suppliers we can trust with a strong connection to the natural world, and to deliver sophisticated dishes made with natural ingredients. Because we know that our efforts are valued – and can be tasted – in our end products.

All our suppliers, farmers and small‑scale local slaughterhouses are known to us personally.

Our dishes use only natural fat sources: butter, clarified butter and lard. And if there’s nothing left over after we’ve prepared the roast pork or the beef for a second time, then we say, “Never keep anything. Get it fresh tomorrow!”

Our beef

You enjoy your meat more if you know where it’s come from. If the animal has been well raised, well fed and well looked after, expertly slaughtered and processed and the meat has been well prepared. We keep this in mind for all of our dishes. Because it’s expert experience and respectful handling of products that makes the difference, not just having the right seal of approval.

So this is how we do it: Georg Löffelberger fattens beef cattle for us at the Madl farm in Anif just outside the city. His animals are Pinzgauers, a tried and tested breed indigenous to Salzburg, one that we all know from childhood. When it comes to slaughtering, we know from our own experience what is needed and use a small‑scale, local operation in which we have complete confidence.

Our kitchen, as used to be taken for granted in earlier times, always uses all parts of the animal. So our menu also includes calf’s head and ox tongue, for example – delicacies from former times that you hardly see any more – and we only serve them on Tuesdays, because Monday is our butchering day.